You never forget a safari in south africa

A safari in South Africa is a special experience one shouldn‘t miss. The most popular safaris take place in and around the Kruger National Park in the north-west region of the country, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve and the Waterberg, north-west of Johannesburg, as well as Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Many visitors to South Africa only want to spend their holiday in the south of the country, but would still like to enjoy a safari. You will find many private game reserves in the Western and Eastern Cape – in a Malaria free area.

The highlight is a dinner in a boma. Tables are set up around a fire where you enjoy your dinner. Lodges offer different experiences, some will prepare a romantic dinner in the bush under the stars or on your own private patio at your chalet.

south africa safari dinner boma

Safari highlight: A romantic dinner in the South African bush.

At sunrise and sunset, the private game lodges arrange a game drive and guests will travel upto 3 hours through the bush with an experienced game ranger who will introduce you to many animals in the wild. He will share his knowledge and stories of the bush and the animals with you. You will learn all about the bush first hand.

At sunrise you will stop at a secure outlook and have tea or coffee with a biscuit and you have an opportunity to exchange thoughts with the other guests in the group. At sunset a similar stop is arranged with a refreshment and a snack. You need to dress warmly though, when the sun sets it will get colder, exept in December / January, then the temperatures will remain warm even at night.

rhino south africa

Rhinos at a water hole, one of the Big Five …

„Sleepy heads“ will miss a game drive. Everywhere in South Africa a game drive will start at around 06.00, normally shortly before sunrise and the evening game drive – depending on the time of year and region between 15.00 and 16.00 and will last into the night.

Private game reserves that border on to the Kruger National Park are often not fenced, therefore, the animals can move to and from the state owned Kruger National Park into the private parks. With a bit of luck you will see many different animals in these parks. Game parks that aren’t connected to the Kruger National Park are completely fenced and have their own animals. You will find these smaller game reserves in all the listed provinces that offer safaris. Most of them were created from former livestock farms. It is easier to keep wild animals than livestock in these hot areas.

south africa giraffe safari

Sunset on Safari

Fenced private game reserves have their own animals and the game rangers will know which animal can be seen in which area, or they find the animals by means of radar. Not all game reserves have the Big Five and it is difficult to see all the animals on one visit, especially in the vast Kruger National Park. Most private game reserves have between 5.000 to 10.000 hektars. In such a small reserve it is impossible to accommodate all animals. Man must then interfere and separate various animals for the good of all animals, for example lions and elephants from other animals.

It is still worth your while to visit the smaller game reserves, especially if you are unable to visit the big game reserves in the north of South Africa. It is recommended to stay two nights in two or even three different game reserves, as each one is unique and has a different experience to offer.

Why not spend time between the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape where you will enjoy a vast changing landscape.

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The Kruger National Park belongs to the ‚low risk Malaria areas‘, which means, there may be Malaria mosquetos. If you would like to avoid the Malaria areas, there are many different game reserves in South Africa that are Malaria free.

For more information on this topic please read below in the Province-Information of Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.

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Top 10 of best South Africa Safari Tips
  • Best places for Safaris are Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape, see map below
  • For more information on this topic please read below in the Province-Information of Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape and the Western Cape
  • In private game reserves you have your own game ranger who will find the animals for you on morning or evening game drives
  • Enjoy a real „Out of Africa-feeling“ on a sundowner game drive through the bush with a drink of your choice
  • If you want to experience a malaria free safari, you can go to the Waterberg/Limpopo, Eastern Cape & Western Cape
  • Best time for a safari with an „Out of Africa“- feeling is during the warm season from October to March
  • Always remember to take warm clothes for a safari in winter. Before sunrise and after sunset it is very cold in an open safari vehicle
  • Do not forget to bring binoculars and a torch with you
  • Most safari operators are in and close to the Kruger National Park
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