Place of interest in South Africa: Footpath on Cape of Good Hope area
1. Cape Agulhas
Where the atlantic ocean meets the indian ocean …

Most visitors believe that the Cape of Good Hope is the most southern point of the African continent and of South Africa. This is not true as the southernmost point of Africa and South Africa is Cape Agulhas, approximately 160km as the crow flies, south east of Cape of Good Hope.

Cape Agulhas south Africa

Bicycle at Cape Agulhas: Southernmost Tip of Africa

At this point there are two oceans meeting, that could not have been more different. The cold Atlantic Ocean, fed by the Benguela current never reaches more than 15 degrees celcius water temperature in summer, however due to its nourishing waters it has most ocean animals. You won’t find many sea animal species here, however, the abundance is here and it is every fisherman’s paradise. Therefore the Atlantic coast line is also called „bay of plenty“.

South Africa Two oceans

South Africa: Two oceans of contrast

The Indian Ocean in the east on the other hand has the warm Agulhas current running through it and doesn’t only invite South African bathers, but also an abundance of animal species. The water temperature in summer is between 20-22 degrees celcius and in winter not much less, the oxygen level is low and most of the sea animals are smaller.

This most southern part of South Africa (and of the whole continent of Africa) lies off the beaten track. This isolated landscape is windswept and is not as overrun with tourists as is the Cape of Good Hope.

Nevertheless we recommend all South Africa travellers to visit this monument.

south africa Cape Agulhas landscape ighthouse

Cape Agulhas landscape with lighthouse

You can reach this southern most point, coming from the Garden Route either on the N2 freeway or make your trip more interesting by turning off the N2 and taking the „hand operated ferry“ over the Breede River at Malgas – read more here »

There are two small towns with good tourism infrastructures before Cape Agulhas, where you can stop for lunch or stay overnight. This is Struisbaai with a picturesque harbour where you can watch the fishermen at work and the smaller holiday town of L’Agulhas.

BU: L’Agulhas monument

L’Agulhas monument

Travel trough the town of L’Agulhas to reach the most southern point of South Africa. A few hundred meters after the lighthouse – which is a museum and viewpoint today, you reach the parking area at the point. From here you walk on a wooden pathway to the monument at the point, which clearly indicates where the Indian and the Atlantic ocean meet. This is very popular for photographs.

Beautiful destinations at the Cape
Cape Point Ostrich Farm
Cape Point Ostrich Farm
The Cape Point Ostrich Farm lies on the most beautiful part of the Cape Peninsula. The farm is 50km from Cape Town, next to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve.
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The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay
The Bay Hotel, Camps Bay
With a majestic Twelve Apostle mountain range as a back drop and the Atlantic Ocean less than a minutes walk away, The Bay Hotel boasts an unrivalled location in the heart of Camps Bay.
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Agulhas Country Lodge
Agulhas Country Lodge
Experience the southern most tip of Africa where the two oceans really meet. This Lodge is built from natural lime stone and blends into the background of a rocky hill.
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2. Cape of Good Hope
Not the southernmost tip, but one of the most popular spots of South Africa
cape of good hope lighthouse

South african tourist attraction: Visit the lighthouse at the Point

A strong contrast to Cape Agulhas is the Cape of Good Hope which lies at the most southern tip of the South African Cape Peninsula. It is as windswept as the previous one, but the vegetation especially during the spring months of September and October is a paradise. Added to this is the dream landscape of the peninsula with its mountains and the coast line, as well as the False Bay in the east and the more open Atlantic coast line in the west.

View from Cape of Good Hope south africa

View from Cape of Good Hope

At the Cape of Good Hope you will find two highlights, firstly the Cape Point on sea level (from the park gate, turn after several kilometers to the right) and additionally you will find a lookout on top of a hill. You can either take a tram up from the carpark and walk the rest of the way to the lighthouse, or you can hike up the entire way from the carpark right to the top. This is quite a steep walk though.

Cape of Good Hope Walk

„Cape of Good Hope“ – Walk

Apparently the brown sign at the Point „Cape of Good Hope“ is the most photographed sign in South Africa. A photo without other people in is almost impossible, as one tourist bus after the other brings tourists from all over the world, as well all the self-drive tourists to this point.

cape of good hope south africa

South Africa tourist feature: The cape of good hope

At the carpark at the end of the main route you will find a curio shop, a restaurant and a snack-bar. Monkeys and birds can be a nuisance. Car guards try to keep them away, as the monkeys will try and take your handbag. Feeding these animals is strictly forbidden.

Top 10 of Two Oceans & surrounding area
  • Cape of Good Hope
  • Chapman’s Peak Drive
  • Lunch in the Restaurant at the Lower cable way station at Cape Point
  • Visit to the Ostrich ranch at the Cape Point with restaurant
  • Penguin colony at Boulders Beach
  • Cape Agulhas
  • Lighthouse ‚L’Agulhas view point
  • Bella Luna restaurant in Struisbaai – on the water’s edge
  • Harbour at Struisbaai
  • De Mond Nature Reserve