View of the Blyde River Dam at the Mpumalanga Panorama Route
Mpumalanga Province General information
Size: 76.495 qkm
Population: 4 Million People
Capital: Mbombela (Nelspruit)
Specific tourist information:
  • The southern part of the Kruger National Park
  • Sabi Wildtuin (Game Reserve) was the original Kruger Park
    Annual temperature: Hot in December, January, February, other months pleasant
    Best travelling season: February – November in the Lowveld, October – March in the Highveld
    Climate / rainfall: Sub-tropical / summer rain
    Malaria: Kruger National Park
    Tourist attractions:
  • Kruger National Park
  • Mpumanga Panorama Route
  • Blyde River Canyon
  • Private lodges in the Kruger Park
  • Bordering on the neighbouring states of Moçambique & Swaziland and Provinces of Limpopo, Gauteng, Free State & KwaZulu-Natal

    „Accommodation in Mpumalanga Province, beautiful & romantic!“
    Mpumalanga overview
    kruger park Mpumalanga south africa

    Sunset in the Kruger National Park

    ’Mpumalanga’ translated means ’Land of the rising sun‘ and this province is one of the prettiest provinces in South Africa due to its landscape. You won’t ever forget the Mpumalanga Panorama Route which includes the Blyde River Canyon! The southern area of the Kruger Park, THE South African tourist highlight, falls into the province of Mpumalanga. Don’t miss this province when planning your holiday in South Africa.

    south african market Mpumalanga

    African market at the view point ’Blydepoort Dam’

    The province borders Mozambique in the east as well as the Kingdom of Swaziland. It is well established to host tourists and has its own airport, the Kruger Mpumalanga International airport, (KMIA) Mpumalanga is the main forestry and wood industry province of South Africa.

    Mpumalanga is made up of two different landscapes and altitudes. Firstly, the Highveld, to which the Transvaal Drakensberg and the Mpumalanga Panorama Route belongs. The second is the Lowveld, a lower region in which the Kruger National Park falls. In the south-summer the Kruger Park becomes very hot and on the Highveld the temperature is far cooler. However, in winter the Highveld is cold at night and in the lower region it is more moderate.

    sabie drakensberg south africa

    The Drakensberg Mountains near the village of Sabie

    The landscape is very green and you will find forests, fruit and nut farms here. The Drakensberg has many good hiking trails with waterfalls to cool off. Here you will find a list of well designed hiking trails in Mpumalanga » . If you are a keen hiker on your South African holiday, don’t miss a visit to Mpumalanga.