Perhaps some of you are asking yourself whether it wouldn’t be a great idea taking your dog along on vacation in South Africa. We’ll answer this question.

Taking dogs along isn’t a good idea. The long flight is pure torture for the dog. Even a direct flight takes ten and a half to thirteen hours. Coming from certain destinations, animals need to be kept in quarantine for a while, which isn’t worthwhile for a vacation. Additionally, there are substantial legal arrangements which need to be taken care beforehand and which are quite costly. You should really only consider taking your dog along if you plan on emigrating.

Also, it can also be dangerous for the pet. If the captain of the aircraft isn’t informed about the presence of animals in the cargo hold and doesn’t turn on the heating, your dog might end up deep frozen. This has really happened before.

Furthermore, many locations in South Africa , for instance restaurants and parks, find dogs undesirable, meaning that you can’t take your dog with you on a hike. The entire country has leash duty.