The world’s first Croc-Cage Diving
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Cango Wildlife Ranch, Western Cape

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is home to over 90 species of amazing animals, the world’s first Croc-Cage Diving and the most successful cheetah breeding facility.

The company celebrates 30 years of conservation efforts and success and guarantees a fantastic experience for all ages. – It is open 365 days of the year.

Included in your visit is full day access and an exciting guided tour of the facility.
They offer a unique encounter program which allows you a magic moment with one of the ambassador animals to help ignite awareness for their plight.

The Cheetah Preservation Foundation was founded in 1988, with the principal aim of ensuring the survival of the cheetah and other endangered species, as well as educating visitors about the plight of the these animals. The Cheetah Preservation Foundation also gives visitors the opportunity to become pro-active in the conservation of endangered species, by joining as members and thereby contributing financially to various conservation projects.

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Kid Zone with tame parrots

The Kid Zone offers hours of entertainment for the tiny tots, and the restaurant and tuck shop cater for breakfast, lunch or snack time.

They also offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences on their VIP tours, which include behind the scenes and personalized tours for those looking to learn more and get up-close and personal with the precious animals.

Cango Wildlife Ranch in Action

Adress & Contact Data
Western Cape
Physical address:
191 Baron van Reede Street, Oudtshoorn
+27 (0)44 606 5300
GPS Data:
33º33'58.97" S 22º12'50.31" E